Rallykit for BMW G450X

In 2009 Dutch Dakar rally ace Frans Verhoeven contacted us as he was interested to ride Dakar 2010 on a BMW G450X. A plan was made and sponsors were attracted, main sponsor was BMW Netherlands. As the stock G450X obviously wasn’t suitable for Dakar, Frans and Bert Duursma made a plan for converting the G450X into a competitive Dakar machine.
The idea for a single fueltank, close to the centre of gravity, came from Frans. It was Bert’s task to finance and manage this very tight development project (only 3 months from start to a finished product!). To do this job, a.o. Jos van Bergen of Behego was hired to work on the prototype, make the moulds etc. He is a genius and did an excellent job, together with the tank manufacturer Kumagaya (Holten, Netherlands) and a small company called Startwin where the drawings and all the metal parts were made.
Dakar 2010 was the first time the tank was being used. Because Frans Verhoeven won the 11th stage, a lot of interest was gained. Soon after Dakar 2010, Frans and Bert were invited by Speedbrain to discuss a Dakar project with involvement of BMW Motorrad Germany where “our” G450 Rallykit concept would have to play a major role.
So it happened that the Speedbrain-BMW Dakar team used our kit in various rallies and also in Dakar 2011 with 4 riders (Frans Verhoeven (first rider), Paolo Goncalves and 2 others)
Speedbrain sold these rallykits all over the world. The kits were supplied to Speedbrain through our company. The intellectual property rights of the kit are with Bert  and with Frans Verhoeven, the original investors in this project.
In 2012 Speedbrain pulled the plug, but we continued to sell the kits.
In 2017 we have decide to stop production of the fueltank, as demand came to a halt.

Some parts can still be supplied, see below.


Tankkit, consisting of PE fueltank 30 liters, all necessary hardware, rearfender, as show below. This G450 Tankkit requires a “low exhaust” and a special buddyseat.
The tankit comes with the new exhaust brackets as used in Dakar 2011.

We no longer sell the complete tankkit.

We do have limited stock of :

  • Fueltank mounting parts (see picture)
  • Fueltank, new, only one availabale as replacement part (production 2019)

Exhaust system

Exhaust system, including header, muffler and connector, 94dB. Used in Dakar 2011. For competition use only.

Not available anymore.


Fairing made of fibreglas, supplied in white gel-coat, includes low frontfender “Dakar style”.

Navigation tower is required to mount the fairing.

Price excl VAT, ex works € 1.680,- (can still be supplied)


Navigation tower, holds roadbook, GPS etc and is also supporting the rallyfairing.

Price excl VAT, ex works € 1.083,- , send us an email for delivery time.



Engine bashplate aluminium to protect engine and low exhaust pipe

Price excl VAT, ex works € 495,- (No longer available)

Radiator protector

Radiator guard stainless steel mesh.
Dakar 2011 version.

Price excl VAT, ex works € 225,- (still available)


Frontfender low (Dakar style)

Price excl VAT, ex works € 175,-  (can still be supplied)

Picture see fairing.


Dakar stickerset “Frans Verhoeven replica”

No longer available


Stickerset “Speedbrain”

No longer available

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